TunedIn Reimagines the TV Experience with Launch of new iPhone App

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Today, TunedIn Media is launching its much anticipated Second Screen application, TunedIn 2.0, exclusively in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. TunedIn is a comprehensive mobile hub that enables users to discover what to watch, connect with fellow fans and participate in the TV watching experience.

"With the introduction of the Second Screen, TunedIn is working to fundamentally change the relationship you have with your TV. Like the music industry before it, television is rapidly evolving due to the swift pace of innovation in digital and mobile technologies,” said Sebastian Bartz, co-founder and COO of TunedIn Media.

With the addition of a companion viewing device, TunedIn takes Social and Participant TV to the next level. This comprehensive platform will change the way audiences connect with the programming. In addition to watching a favorite show, viewers gain the ability to both interact with other users in their social fabric and participate in the show.

The 2.0 app includes significant enhancements that enable users to:

  • Discover what’s on: TunedIn’s Socially Curated TV Guide (developed in collaboration with Axel Springer’s TV Digital) allows users to tap into the wisdom of the crowd. Users can filter the channel lineup based on community ratings and top trending shows.
  • Receive personalized recommendations: TunedIn will utilize users’ ratings and viewing behaviors to suggest new shows and movies they will love.
  • Know what’s hot: Users can follow real-time Twitter feeds and receive social suggestions from their friends’ Facebook “likes”.
  • Watch content: TunedIn gives users direct access to VOD streaming services and sets reminders so users never miss their favorite shows.
  • See what the world is watching: TunedIn analyzes and identifies the top trending TV shows and movies.

In December, TunedIn launched its public beta, which the company used to gather user feedback. Following significant user response, TunedIn has fine-tuned its platform to enhance the TV viewing experience.

“No longer are people simply going to watch TV, they’re going to live it. TunedIn aspires to connect audiences by bringing viewers together in a collective viewing experience. This cohesion of audience participation will ultimately shape future content and change the way we think about TV,” Justin E. Scull, co-founder and CEO.



While Social TV plays a critical role in the development of the Second Screen, TunedIn believes that Participant TV will be the ultimate catalyst that will transform the industry. For example, TunedIn aspires to enrich the political process in the U.S. by encouraging Americans to play a more interactive role in the 2012 Presidential Debates. TunedIn aims to give the silent majority a voice in the political process. Viewers are empowered to engage in streaming discussions and provide real-time feedback to each candidate’s response like never before. While Participant Politics is still in private beta, TunedIn plans to launch in conjunction with the U.S. Presidential Debates.




In addition to the deployment in the U.S., the platform will be rolled out in additional European markets and will be available for the iPad, Android and the Web later this year.

Advisory Board

We are delighted to add three new distinguished media professionals to our board:

Hans Mahr

  • Former RTL Editor-in-Chief & Managing Director of RTL New Media
  • Former Vorstand Sport and New Business at Premiere AG
  • Founder & CEO at Mahr Media GmbH

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Müller

  • Former MP in Schleswig-Holstein
  • Managing Director of DMD Deutsche Mediendienste GmbH, Nordische Akademie für Elektronische Medien GmbH and IBF Medien GmbH 
  • Honorary Professor at HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg

Christoph Post

  • Co-Founder & former Managing Director / Vorstand of Me, Myself & Eye (MME) GmbH/AG
  • Co-Founder of VIVA and former Programmgeschäftsführer of VH-1
  • Founder & Managing Director of DEF Media GmbH

About TunedIn Media

TunedIn Media was co-founded by Justin E. Scull and Sebastian Bartz, based out of Berlin and New York. TunedIn aims to forever change a viewer’s relationship with television, making it possible to connect and participate with other viewers in a real-time interactive environment.

Your second screen awaits you at http://itunes.apple.com/de/ app/tunedin/id479691345?mt=8


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