Philips Smart TV Just Got Smarter - Streaming to Tablets and Smart Phones

written by: Richard Kastelein

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from Broadband TV News has written that Dutch electronics giant Philips plan to take things to the next level by introducing Smart TV Premium, which will allow viewers to stream content to iPhones and iPads from their TVs.

Using the local Wi-Fi network, consumers can watch content from their regular TV set on their mobile devices. Philips Smart TVs already offer the possibility to control their TV set using their iOS device as the remote. The move is part of the company’s push toward connected TVs, which one of the key elements of its marketing strategy, alongside picture quality and design.

“Since the introduction of Smart TV in 2008 the service has grown enormously,” said Maarten de Vries, CEO TP Vision, “Starting with our 2012 models we are now equipping more TV sets with connectivity, around 80% of all models.”

...In the Netherlands, the most popular apps on Smart TV are the catch-up services from the public broadcasters, Uitzending Gemist and from RTL, RTL XL. Philips has now also secured an app for the catch-up service from SBS, until recently only available on Samsung, “Now we are the first to offer these service from all three major Dutch broadcasting groups, “ said Michiel de Jong, managing director TP Vision Benelux.


At IFA 2012 in Berlin, Philips officially launched their global television manufacturing company with TP Vision, in a joint venture with TPV. TPV Technology Limited, It is the world’s largest manufacturer of computer monitors, is a multinational electronics company headquartered in Hong Kong, China. TPV designs and produces a full range of CRT and TFT LCD monitors as well as LCD TVs for distribution globally.

The new company ,TP Vision, is 70% owned by TPV and 30% by Philips.


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