Visiware Reaches 700 Shows for B2B Playalong Social TV Platform

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Visiware, Inc., a global leader in the interactive television industry, announced today it has reached a milestone of 700 interactive TV shows aired across 10 countries using its second-screen PlayAlong product.

PlayAlong provides TV viewers with the ability to interact real-time from their second-screen devices during their favorite programs.

"Today, up to 80% of television viewers regularly use their smartphones, tablets and PCs when watching TV," said Harris Larney, Visiware's General Manager of North America. "Our PlayAlong product allows viewers to use their devices with the content they are watching on TV to interact with friends, learn more about the show, and engage in game play specifically tailored for each program. Our products also support TV networks' and production companies' efforts to leverage the latest technology and monetize the second-screen's growing usage in the marketplace."

PlayAlong is a cloud-based and fully integrated content platform, enhancing viewers' television watching experience by integrating new social features. PlayAlong offers a new approach to the Social TV market that goes well beyond basic Twitter posting and show check-in by providing: synchronized and enriched content; extended experiences that support game shows, reality shows, sporting events, and scripted content; as well as monetization tools such as 24/7 gaming, T-Commerce, and advertising.

Visiware has seen an increase of 28% in audience viewership for shows that aired using its PlayAlong platform**. The company works closely with TV networks and production companies to develop a customized Social TV solution that supports their business objectives.

  • The benefits of PlayAlong are designed to:
  • Create a new and innovative experience for the TV viewer while increasing fan loyalty
  • Support new forms of revenue and monetization streams
  • Allow for additional viewer data collection and CRM

"PlayAlong is pushing the boundaries of what's possible for the networks and production companies to offer with their social programming initiatives," said Laurant Weill, Visiware's Founder and Executive Chairman. "Our approach is to provide a better product than what's in the Social TV market today, at a critical time when TV viewing behaviors are changing rapidly. We are offering viewers a TV experience adapted to user behaviors while providing networks and operators with a very profitable opportunity to interact with their audience."


Visiware has partnered with leading entertainment companies over the past 15 years such as NBC (Universal Studios), ABC - Disney, and Mattel as well as leading cable and satellite providers such as Dish Network, Time Warner Cable, among many others across the globe.

PlayAlong has been used in leading prime time TV shows on Fox, Antena3, Astro, La5, SBT, SBS6, TF1, ZDF etc.


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