New: Mobile Platform for Transmedia Storytelling

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Launching today is a mobile app that allows audiences to immerse themselves in stories that blur the boundaries of fiction and reality and digital life and real life. Conducttr Mobile is part of a transmedia storytelling ecosystem that provides brands, agencies, publishers, film studios and educators with an end-to-end audience engagement solution. It allows audiences to discover new “Worlds”, access exclusive content, gain achievements, compete and socialize with others, track progress and manage their own contact data. Transmedia storytellers benefit immediately by not having to develop this functionality themselves and can therefore connect to audiences sooner and at significantly lower cost.

The Conducttr ecosystem has three parts:
  1. a cloud-based network intelligence for narrative designers
  2. an API for developers
  3. and a mobile app for audiences
Stories & games written with Conducttr are told across social media, email, text messaging and any platform that uses the Conducttr API - such as a social or console game, forum, ebook and so on. Often audiences need not be aware of Conducttr because it works as an unseen intelligence orchestrating a personalized, connected experience across platforms. With the mobile app, transmedia storytellers make a direct connection to their audiences.

Robert Pratten (CEO, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd) launching the app during a keynote presentation to the Transmedia Living Lab in Madrid, Spain said:
"We continue to lower the technical and cost barriers for transmedia storytellers who want to explore new ways of engaging audiences. For stories and experiences hosted by Conducttr in the cloud, the optional use of Conducttr Mobile provides audiences with heightened experience through familiar game-based mechanics such as unlocking exclusive content and gaining XP and achievements for engaging with the storyworld"
Launched today on Conducttr Mobile are:
  • Roswell Amulet, a location-based scavenger hunt for the Roswell Film Festival and ComicCon 2012
  • Psychophol, a Twitter and email-based interactive story for the movie The Mask of the Red Death
  • Lowlifes, the webseries, novella and blog with murder-mystery game
  • Rock Science, a location-based music quiz game from Sweden

Conducttr mobile app is available to demo for free via - Transmedia Storyteller Ltd is an audience engagement technology company founded by Robert Pratten and Alexey Ossikine. For more information go to

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