IMN Systems Launches New Social TV Service Called "Simul TV" At BlogWorld Expo 2012

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Simul TV, the next evolution in social TV, is set to launch a beta version at this year’s BlogWorld. This revolutionary technology allows viewers to engage with their favorite video entertainment like never before. By blending the traditional TV experience and social interaction, Simul TV allows friends and family to simultaneously share streaming content while communicating through picture-in picture video chats, voice chats and text chats.

IMN’s CEO and Founder Steven Turner said,

“Imagine a parent far away from home, being able to share a movie with a child, watching the streaming content and seeing each other in picture-in-picture. Or fantasy league members interacting while watching the big game.”

“Simul TV is about bringing people together through social TV technology,” added Turner. “We want to connect fans of all types of entertainment. This goes beyond just tweeting about a show; viewers can watch video online with someone halfway across the world. They can actively share the same experience even if they have never met face to face.”

The online network will boast an impressive amount of live and vide-on-demand content once it launches, and according to Turner, will add more content each year. The beta version will focus family entertainment programs, but there will be a healthy mix of anime, comedy, action, independent music and a 24/7 live sports feed. Turner added that Simul TV has various exclusive programs and specific channels with completely exclusive content.

Any interested parties are more than welcome to try out Simul TV at this year’s BlogWorld & New Media Expo. The Simul TV crew will be available at their interactive TV booth from June 5th through the 7th. This will be the second year that BlogWorld will be in New York and promises to be this year’s must-attend social media event.

Interconnect Media Network Systems (IMN) is a Virginia-based media company. IMN specialize in video ingestion and encoding, as well as HD and SD transcoding and delivery using adaptive bitrate streaming. IMN has both hardware and cloud based services as well as a full line of products that will seamlessly integrate with your current broadcast workflow.



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