MTV Movie Awards Introduces New Second Screen Social TV in 2012

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Digiday is reporting that Viacom intends to use a co-viewing experience called “All Access Live” which lets fans interact socially and view more content on their mobile, tablets, and other web devices during the MTV Music Awards ceremony this year.

In a research report it issued earlier this month, Viacom said it’s noticing a shift in TV viewing behavior “from lean back to watching with.” As a result, it’s hoping to make this year’s movie awards as interactive as possible, with a co-viewing experience dubbed “All Access Live,” which promises to allow fans to interact socially and to view additional content from their tablets, mobile, and other Web-enabled devices during the ceremony.

Users of the service will be invited to view a range of exclusive camera angles, share moments from the show across social services, and discuss it in real time with other viewers. An interactive Twitter tracker will also monitor buzz about the event and visualize the most popular moments in a moving timeline, and of course prompts users to contribute by sharing the buzz with their own social networks.

Despite the fact audiences for second-screen experiences remain relatively small at this nascent stage, Sprint is stepping up to sponsor the Twitter tracker portion of the experience, as well as a live Twitter vote for the awards’ “best hero” category. Users can submit their vote between now and the awards on Sunday using hashtags.

There will be exclusive camera views and the ability to share moments to users of the service, who can also discuss these moments in real-time with other viewers - and there will be a Twitter tracker which will monitor buzz surrounding the event and display the most popular moments in a moving timeline. Sprint offered to sponsor the Twitter tracker and a live Twitter vote for the “best hero” category at the awards. Celebrities attending the event will be uploading animated gifs of themselves to MTV’s Tumblr and site from the red carpet. Users will also be able to Shazam music at the event from their smartphones, according to Digiday.


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