Storage Wars Gets Second Screen Companion App

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Storage Wars Fan Challenge is a one-of-a-kind second screen companion app for Season 3 of Storage Wars. Simply watch the new season of Storage Wars and use this app to sync your TV with your iPad. The app uses audio fingerprinting to listen to your TV to figure out where you are in the program.

  1. Sync with the show and get entered into the weekly sweepstakes.
  2. Join the team of your favorite Storage Wars contestant and win points when they win the show.
  3. Bid on the lockers and compete with other viewers to predict the price.
  4. Compete with other users on show-related quizzes and trivia questions.
  5. See how you rank on the global leaderboard and view your stats.
  6. Tweet along with fans and the Storage Wars cast
  7. Tons of bonus material for the ultimate Storage Wars fan!

This app is designed to be used while you watch the show, either live or on demand. You can still play along when you're not watching, but you'll have the most fun if you use it and sync it to the show.

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