Report: Americans Still Love TV More than Anything Else

written by: Richard Kastelein

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According to a new study from TVB, American adults spend more time with television each day than any other medium.

“Many say that television isn't what it used to be. They are's better.”

Television remains the American consumer's top media choice for news and entertainment says the new study and people are spending more time with traditional TV than with any other medium, and advances in new technology are offering more ways to access and enhance the TV-viewing experience.

The release of the 2012 Media Comparisons Study confirms Television's impact in a digital media world.

TVB President, Steve Lanzano, discusses television in the media landscape, and how advertisers are reinforcing the message of the power of TV.



In its study, "The 2012 Media Comparisons Study," conducted with Knowledge Networks, television continues to reach more consumers on average than any other major medium, across all major demographic groups. The study is the latest version of an every two years update to the proprietary report. The research confirms that adults spend more time with television each day than any other medium, allocating approximately 5.2 hours with TV, compared to 3 hours with the Internet, 1.4 hours with radio and 0.7 hours with mobile phones. Study findings also indicate that television reaches 88 percent of adults aged18 and older each day and over 80 percent of every major demographic break, including young adults 18-34. Moreover, younger demographics are increasing their time spent with television, with daily time spent for adults18-34 up +14 percent from the 2010 period.
"The power of television remains undeniable, as this updated study shows that television remains the central entertainment and information hub for consumers. While alternative digital platforms have grown as well, television continues to dominate all other media in both time spent and consumer engagement," commented Steve Lanzano, President of the TVB. "Perhaps most importantly for advertisers and marketers, qualified research found that consumers cited television as the most influential advertising medium when making a purchase decision."
Lanzano added, "The study also clearly confirms again that broadcast television is the primary source of news for adults with local broadcast stations out-delivering cable by nearly 50 percent. Furthermore, local broadcast station websites are the top online choice among consumers for local news and event information, presenting advertisers a cost-effective opportunity to reach their key markets across multiple platforms. It's evident from these findings that TV remains the mainstay media among consumers and that local broadcasters are effectively bringing their content to users through their online and mobile initiatives."



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