Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker launch Web-based Airtime video network

written by: Richard Kastelein

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The slogan is create shared experiences with people you know,and people you want to know. The team? The infamous Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning met online in a chat room 15 years ago over a shared interest in computer security and hacking. In 2012, they have teamed up and created Airtime to explore what’s possible when large numbers of people are brought together live. Located in San Francisco, their team shares their passion for using the latest video technology to connect people through common interests and shared content.

The duo that invented Napster in 1999 is back with a video social network that promises high-quality video conferencing that will compete with Skype and other video networks. Parker, who also played a role in Facebook’s early days, and Fanning, whose invention of peer-to-peer (P2P) technology for sharing music turned the music industry on its head, say Airtime is designed to create live-shared experiences online. 

From their blog:

Today we’re excited to launch Airtime, the first live video network. Over the last year, we’ve been hard at work designing and building the first version of Airtime which we are proud to unveil today. Airtime is not just a product, it’s a network service designed to create live shared experiences online, between two sets of people: those that you know and those who you want to know.

Airtime is the most efficient, easy to use, browser-based video chat service between friends using their existing Facebook networks. The service allows you to share live experiences through content, and expand beyond your social graph to discover new people through similar interests in an environment that is collaborative, fun and safe.


From PSFK:

This live chat website, similar to ChatRoulette, allows users to chat with friends or random strangers. The catch is that this service runs through Facebook, so Airtime users have to log-in with their Facebook credentials. The idea for this service was inspired by individual users’ Facebook profiles, which Airtime accesses to connect users based on common interests. Additional features include the ability to share YouTube videos on user profiles.

What is Airtime?

  1. The best and fastest way to video chat with your friends on any platform. No download required, just login with Facebook and start video chatting with your friends immediately, right in your browser.
  2. Live content sharing with friends. Everyone on Airtime is both participant and performer. Play YouTube videos for your friends and see their reactions live.
  3. Discover people like you. Break outside your social graph and find new people based on shared interests.




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