Simul TV Announces Agreement With American Music Channel

written by: Richard Kastelein

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The American Music Channel has agreed to create a series of exclusive music channels for Simul TV, which will boast an impressive lineup of live and video-on-demand content. The beta version Simul TV will focus on family entertainment programs, and a healthy mix of comedy, action, and a 24/7 live sports feed. The American Music Channel will provide a variety of channels selected from among a number of musical genres, including live streaming concerts, with a special focus on emerging and independent artists. Simul TVs revolutionary technology allows viewers to engage with their favorite video entertainment like never before, blending the traditional television experience with mobile media to create a social TV interaction.

IMNs CEO and Founder Steven Turner said:

"Simul TV is about bringing people together, connecting fans of all types of entertainment, simultaneously sharing streaming content while communicating through picture-in picture video chats, voice chats and text chats. Music is the ideal format for social television, and with Hals impeccable reputation as a visionary in the media industry, he and American Music Channel are the perfect partners to assist Simul TV in bringing this revolutionary technology to the music fan and the emerging artist."

The American Music Channels CEO and Founder Hal Willis added"

"I started down this road more than ten years ago, with a passion for utilizing technology to build a new model for the music business and a viable platform for the emerging artist. We have been very active in the Web and social media arenas since the inception of online streaming video across connected devices, all the while keeping our eye on possibilities for Internet TV. Steven first approached me several years ago, and I am delighted to see his vision come to fruition and allow us to take ours to the next level."


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