Microsoft Opens Up Xbox 360 Second Screen Ecosystem with Release of SmartGlass SDK

written by: Richard Kastelein

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The (SDK) for Microsoft's new WiiU competitor SmartGlass is now ready for download. It will provide remote control functions and additional interactive content for movies, TV shows, and Xbox 360 games via second screen PC, tablet, or smartphone. The SDK is currently only available to Microsoft employees and partners signed up to the Microsoft Game Developer Network and includes the SmartGlass studio, along with a JavaScript library for cross-platform development and a sample application to show what the platform is capable of. Microsoft SmartGlass will launch later this year, giving developers and studios plenty of time to get their applications and content ready.

For example, some things can do include streaming the latest episode of a TV show on your iPad and then finish watching the action on your TV via your Xbox once you get home, stream music across devices such as Spotify and actually understand where all the characters from Game of Thrones disappeared to.

Partners including Universal, AOL and Picturebox were announced as being on board for SmartGlass development at E3 in LA earlier this month. Released late last week, this puts the ETA for SmartGlass services to start appearing around autumn time.



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