MOVL Announces KontrolTV, A Platform for Multi-Screen Experiences

written by: Richard Kastelein

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American tech company MOVL was invited to Google TV’s own Sandbox to unveil their new product yesterday, Kontrol TV, which will act as a hub for all second screen experiences built on MOVL’s multi-screen platform. This breakthrough platform will allow users to control and interact with their SmartTV applications from their mobile phones. Open and play an app. Invite friends. Make TV social and so much more. The creators of WeDraw and SwipeIt are taking the second screen world by storm with KontrolTV, which will be open to developers soon.

“KontrolTV offers develpers a simple way to create multi-screen applications for SmartTVs, and offers consumers a new and better way to discover and interact with SmartTV content: using their mobile device,” said CEO Juan Pablo Gnecco. Using KontrolTV developers will be able to develop once and publish to several SmartTV platforms, including Samsung SmartTVs, GoogleTV, LG, with Toshiba and Dish coming soon.

KontrolTV’s content library will be comprised of experiences built with the MOVL Connect Platform, a free-to-use cloud-based service and set of APIs that allows developers to seamlessly create multi-screen applications. The new multi-screen functionality also allows for new ways of monetization, giving brands the ability to have engaging, transactional, dual screen advertising.

The group will also be showing games that demonstrate the new features of the Connect Platform, including a simplified lobby system which allows for unlimited users to interact in real-time over the internet.

“KontrolTV is the ideal way to interact with your TV,” said Alan Queen, MOVL cofounder and CTO. “I mean really, who hasn’t looked down at their smartphone and wished they could control a TV-sized video game with it? Your mobile device could be your steering wheel or contain your game inventory… there’s no limit for creators. We’re excited to put this platform in the hands of some able-bodied developers and see what they can do with it.”




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