In Brazil, 43 per cent Of Home Internet Users Watch TV While Surfing

written by: Richard Kastelein

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The growth of Internet access is changing the experience of watching television programs in Brazilian homes. According to IBOPE Nielsen research on Social TV figures among home Internet users in Brazil 43 per cent are in the habit of watching TV while surfing the internet. Of these, 59 per cent reported doing so every day and 29 per cent of consumers that simultaneously watch TV and internet make online comments about the programs, especially on social networks.

"The simultaneous use of television and internet shows that there is no abandonment of one medium over the other," said Jose Calazans, a market analyst at Nielsen IBOPE Online.

One in six Brazilian surf the Internet while watching television, according to the study conducted in 13 metropolitan areas with persons 10 and older, between 13 and 29 February 2012.

Source: Social Research TV, IBOPE Nielsen Online

While most who media stack TV and the Internet are young people between 20 and 24, it's the adolescents between 15 to 19 who commented the most on what they were watching on TV via Social channels. Among adults, this habit is higher among women.

Over 70 per cent of consumers say they seek contextual (companion) data - or what is being shown simultaneously on the Internet about what is being shown on TV - and 80 per cent admit to having turned on the TV or changed the channel driven by a message received over the Internet.

Source: Social Research TV, IBOPE Nielsen Online

News, soap operas, movies and sports are the most watched programs on television for those who are also connected to the Internet and 29 per cent of consumers simultaneously have the habit of commenting and, not surprisingly, novelas (Brazilian soap operas) are the main topic of interest.

Source: Social Research TV, IBOPE Nielsen Online.

Desktop computers are widely used by viewers who comment on novelas on the Internet, while notebooks, smartphones and older connected cell phones have more affinity with those who comment on news programs, sports and realities.


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