France Télévisions and TDF launch Backwards EPG ON HbbTV with Salto

written by: Richard Kastelein

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French transmission company TDF and broadcaster France Télévisions have launched a new ‘restart’ service, called Salto, according to Broadband TV News:

Running between 20.00 and midnight, viewers joining a programme late can choose to view the show from the beginning by pressing the Blue button. The HbbTV system of course requires the viewer to connect their TV to the Internet.

...TDF carries out the live uptake of content from France Télévisions, extracts the programmes to be offered in Restart, codes them in formats compatible with HbbTV 1.1 and HbbTV 1.5, archives them on its Content Delivery Network, signals the service through DTT, and delivers the programmes on demand through the CDN.

In effect, this allows the EPG to go backwards - an innovation that Youview has been championing for years. They claim that, for the first time in Europe, TV stations will offer the ability to go to the beginning of a live broadcast. An operation done by a control button on the remote.


From Le Figaro:

"We now estimate the number of connected televisions at 2.5 million and we believe,  being very conservative, that by the end of the year, this new service will attract  at least 300,000 viewers, "said Bruno Patino, deputy CEO digital development at France Televisions. For the latter... the new service complements the existing range of time Shifting going to catch-up TV not to mention VOD."

...This new service has another characteristic - it's accessible via DTT hence no need to be subscribed to an ISP or cable for this service - which initially will cover programs broadcast between 20:00 and midnight.

From Olivier Huart, CEO of TDF who designed the technical platform:

"This innovation allows the incumbents to remain master of their eco-system and not lose their viewers in a world of open Internet,  dominated by larger operators such as Google, Yahoo or Apple."

TDF who is willing to offer "an array of complementary services," have already started talking to "the future six new DTT channels but also the great historical as TF1 and M6." France Television is exclusive to the new service until mid September.

RapidTVnews also reported on the new developments in France:

Based on a technological solution from TDF, Salto allows viewers to watch prime time live programming airing after 20:00 from the very beginning, even when started. Like time shifting functionalities, it is designed to give greater control to a live TV feed.  Returning back to the live session is also possible.

This service is available for all FTV’s channels and to all viewers equipped with a connected TV set and a DTT decoder in France, Andorra and Monaco. They are informed on-screen when Salto is on. The service will be extended later on to other kinds of reception platforms.

The catch-up TV and free VOD service Pluzz will now become the unique player for all channels and line-up an enriched offer under the banner francetv Pluzz. It will now include more links with social networks and interactions between viewers. Following the conclusion of a partnership with Samsung, francetv Pluzz will also be soon available on connected TV sets, and on Dailymotion into an adapted version.


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