Report: PSFK - Future of Retail (Relevant to tCommerce)

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Though we did not get a full copy at, PSFK is one of the finest publications online in reporting future trends, particularly around retail - and consumer behaviour change intertwined with technology - which we are seeing in the living room with tablets taking over, which has enormous implications in future brand engagement and shopping via the big screen. The ability to check prices on the fly and pressures from online shopping portals (recommendations, reviews, social) on the traditional brick and mortar experience are transforming traditional retail.

An Introduction To The Report:

Big-box retailers like Best Buy and Walmart are beginning to feel the heat as sales decline in the face of stiffer competition from e-commerce giants like Amazon. ‘Showrooming’ is the new reality. Shoppers are more educated than ever before and the ability to check prices on the fly has resulted in increased commoditization and a rethinking of how brands and retailers go about providing a differentiated offering. The pressures that companies like Amazon and are exerting on the marketplace have forced traditional retailers to contemplate a multi-channel approach to online, mobile and bricks-and-mortar sales.

PSFK’s Future of Retail Report shows that a hallmark of this changing retail environment is the savvier shopper, who takes advantage of technology, is prepared to offer their personal data for a better experience, and has come to expect contextually relevant recommendations. They are actively engaged, want a say in what products get made, will evangelize offerings to get a better price for themselves and their friends, and want to be rewarded for sharing their knowledge and expertise.

In our latest version of the Future of Retail report, PSFK explores the new retail reality, taking a deeper look into the trends that are driving the change in shopper behaviors and expectations as defined by Retail on Demand and the New Brand Champion.



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