Smartclip and LG Electronics’ Tie up for Smart TV Ad Platform across Europe, Russia and Australia

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Smartclip, the multiscreen and brand advertising platform and LG Electronics announced today that smartclip will monetise all ad inventory on the LG Smart TV Platform across Europe, Russia and Australia. The partnership with LG Smart TV offers advertisers a vast range of branding possibilities, enabling brand marketers to extend their reach to new audiences with these new smart devices and engage with them on additional levels through the TV screen.

Shirlene Chandrapal, Vice President Connected TV at smartclip, explains: 

"Europe is one of the world’s largest TV markets so it is great to be able to work together with one of the largest TV manufacturers worldwide on such an exciting product. smartclip’s partnership with LG gives advertisers new opportunities to target their audience on the biggest screen combining the best of the web and TV. Connected TV is beginning to really take off and LG Smart TV is the perfect way to reach consumers on all levels of engagement. This is the first time advertisers can close the missing gap throughout the whole consumer journey on Smart TV”.

The agreement between smartclip and LG Electronics will give advertisers access to the entire ad inventory on the LG Smart TV Platform, ranging from pre-roll and banner ads to unique and interactive ad formats, enhancing the viewer’s experience as well as offering refined targeting opportunities via ad-serving technologies. Advertisers benefitting from the partnership between smartclip and LG Electronics will be at the forefront of digital advertising as early adopters of the new Smart TV technology. In addition, the controlled environment of the LG Electronics Smart TV Ad Platform offers a completely brand safe experience with efficiency and accuracy.

LG’s aim to provide top quality content and services for Smart TV users and bring the Smart TV eco-system alive were key factors in the decision to partner with smartclip’s flexible advertisement platform. The relationship will also help create new revenue streams for advertisers, with plans to incorporate the platform in a host of soon-to-be-released apps, as LG focuses its strategy on targeting content providers in the US and Europe. The Connected TV phenomenon represents a whole new arena of lucrative business opportunities for advertisers and brand marketers and the LG Smart TV plays a vital role in the developing ecosystem of smart and increasingly connected devices.

Young-jae Seo, Vice President of the Service Business Division of LG Electronics’ Smart Business Center says:

“By forming a partnership with smartclip, the top global platform for multi-screen brand advertising, LG has secured an entrance to the European, Russian and Australian advertising markets”. He adds “Content developers and content service providers will be able to focus on top quality content provision based on this tangible profit-making business model and advertisers will also have great opportunities utilising this effective marketing tool for global TV advertising campaigns.”

The German fashion company New Yorker will be the first advertiser to run a campaign across the LG platform, taking advantage of this new digital touch point in nine European markets.

Silvia Lange, Head of marketing at New Yorker comments:

“LG Smart TV Ad platform offers a direct connection between two of our target groups’ most relevant media channels, TV and online. The combination of this new advertising environment with its highly visible display formats, backed up by well established targeting models, make it a very interesting branding opportunity for New Yorker.”

The LG Smart TV platform is accessible via all Smart TVs, Smart 3D Blu-ray players and the Smart TV Upgrader. This accessibility will be expanded to mobile and other consumer electronic goods in the future. smartclip will also be the preferred monetisation partner for any third party content apps on LG Smart TV. The smartclip technology is already integrated in over 100 Connected TV applications and the company has been selling and serving connected TV ads across Europe since 2009. A large number of these publishers already have content present on the LG Smart TV.

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