TV Everywhere: Elemental Unveils Plans to Stream the 2012 Olympic Games with Leading Broadcasters Worldwide

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Elemental Technologies, the leading supplier of video solutions for multiscreen content delivery, today announced that the breadth of its deployment for multiscreen delivery of the Summer Games has expanded to include the BBC in the United Kingdom, Terra in Latin America, Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium in Canada, and Eurosport throughout Europe. The company is also supporting customers delivering multiscreen content of the events in the US and Japan. These deployments, when combined with Elemental’s support for transnational feeds of the Games, will make video streams from Elemental available in 70 countries and to more than a billion potential viewers.


If you plan to watch the Olympics this summer on a phone, tablet, or PC, you’ll be able to do so because of Sam Blackman.

Blackman is the founder and CEO of Elemental Technologies, a technology start-up that’s pioneered the use of graphics processors to power adaptive video streaming over IP networks. Simply put, this company makes it possible for you to watch a baseball game in real-time on your iPhone, or stream a soccer match onto an iPad. The company’s list of clients include HBO, ESPN, and Comcast, among many other household names.

In 2010, Blackman set his sights on the Olympics. His goal was to land a contract deal with the BBC to provide the live video streaming technology for the 2012 Olympic Games. Not only did BBC sign up, seven other broadcasters signed up too.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the company has raised nearly $30 million in venture capital and employs 75 people. Last year, the company made $10.2 million in revenue, and expects to double that figure by the end of 2012.

The BBC plans to stream 2,500 hours of the Olympic Games using Elemental® Live and to provide its audience with up to 24 alternative live HD streams from which to choose. The BBC will also use Elemental Live to encode and archive events that can be easily transitioned into video on-demand (VOD) assets for streaming catch-up TV to viewers in the UK. 

Eurosport will deliver live coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games via PC in 50 countries through the Eurosport Player service. Live streaming coverage will also be available via smartphone and tablets in 33 countries and for Panasonic Smart TV users in 38 countries. From a technical point of view, Eurosport will use Elemental’s encoding farm, consisting of 13 Elemental Live systems, to handle 42 Eurosport live video streams available in more than 5 bit rate profiles each, representing a global bandwidth of 400 Mb/s. 

In Latin America, Terra plans to stream more than 2000 hours of the Olympics Games using Elemental gear to audiences in more than 17 countries. To deliver online and connected device coverage of the games, Terra directs incoming HD and SD fiber optics and satellite feeds into Elemental Live for video processing. The density available with Elemental Live allows Terra to output six HD and 12 SD adaptive bit rate streams simultaneously for streaming to web and tablet devices as well as smartphones.

“Elemental’s solution provides a level of quality that is unmatched in the market without sacrificing the traditional tradeoff of density and cost,” noted Werner Michels, engineering director at Terra. “We chose to partner with Elemental because compared to the vendor we used for the Vancouver Olympics, with Elemental we were able to increase our coverage of the games and throughput by more than 50% in less than half the rack space while improving quality.” 

“When we began the intense evaluation process for streaming of the Olympic Games more than a year ago, Elemental had little idea of just how broadly we’d be adopted on a global scale,” said Sam Blackman, CEO and Co-founder at Elemental Technologies. “To play such an integral role in the ‘first truly digital Olympics’ is a privilege that every Elemental employee accepts with great pride.”



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