Smart TV Poker: Transgaming and WPT To Go Interactive on the Living Room Screen

written by: Richard Kastelein

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TransGaming, a global leader in the multiplatform deployment of games, today announced that it is developing an exclusive World Poker Tour (WPT) game for Smart TV that is expected to launch in the fall with a number of operators around the world.

"The World Poker Tour brand is loved worldwide because fans know it delivers an incredible poker experience. We trust TransGaming to bring that experience to the emerging Smart TV platform," said Adam Pliska, President of World Poker Tour. "When we saw the possibilities that GameTree TV offers, we felt strongly that World Poker Tour needed to be on it. It will be a true-to-life World Poker Tour experience that our fans will love."

"We will immerse players around the globe in the incredible World Poker Tour experience transporting them from the living room to what will feel like a real tournament. GameTree TV will deliver the type of rich and socially engaging WPT experience that was previously unimaginable with conventional TV," commented Vikas Gupta, CEO & President of TransGaming Inc.

"In order to catapult Smart TV forward, specific experiences need to be delivered and we are going to set the bar for quality gaming with World Poker Tour that will drive gaming to the forefront of Smart TV based living room entertainment."

The WPT video game will be available on GameTree TV, TransGaming's premier on-demand Smart TV gaming platform, and will demonstrate the incredible potential for interactivity and social engagement in the connected living room. The game will fully leverage GameTree TV’s innovative capabilities including Multi-screen support and Multi-player gameplay to offer an experience that mirrors World Poker Tour TV programming, watched by almost 700,000 fans weekly. With a presence in live events, web and mobile, WPT is one of the most recognized brands in televised gaming and entertainment, catering to an estimated market of over 100 million poker players worldwide.

This immersive Smart TV game will offer a true WPT feel, including an exact replica of the famous World Poker Tour stage and original voiceovers from the show's on-air personalities, making players feel as though they are playing in a real interactive WPT tournament. The game will include a range of micro-transaction capabilities to allow players to customize their experience by purchasing a spectrum of products, including chips, during a tournament.



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