Viggle Announces developer platform to Enrich Second Screen Experiences

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Viggle, one of the fast growing Social TV loyalty programs for television, announced today a move to open its platform to third party developers. The company has released a free Viggle Platform Developer Kit (VPDK) so TV networks, producers and programmers will be able to easily develop their own show or channel specific enhancements and experiences using features that have proven very popular with viewers such as real-time polls, games and quizzes.

“Opening the Viggle platform to networks, cable operators and producers allows our partners to optimize the in-show experience for Viggle users,” said Chris Stephenson, president of Viggle Inc. “Partners will benefit from the power of our rewards ecosystem while creating their own unique programming enhancements.”

Applications built with the Viggle Platform Developer Kit can range from simple content experiences like video playlists, news headlines and photo slideshows to fully immersive games where users can interact and earn Viggle points. The VPDK is comprised of the Viggle Platform API and a variety of audience engagement tools.

Built with the developer in mind, the Viggle API leverages common web standards like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, to dramatically reduce time to market. Apps developed with HTML5 can be seamlessly integrated into both the iOS and Android versions of Viggle via the JavaScript API. Viggle’s audience engagement tools are a collection of widgets that enable developers to easily create polls, prediction cards, mood-o-meters, trivia, quizzes and other show-enhancing experiences that can be synchronized with what’s on-air.

Viggle recently demonstrated the power of the Viggle Platform Developer Kit with the launch of MyGuy, a real-time fantasy sports game. When Viggle users check into a game, MyGuy recognizes which teams are playing, making it easy for them to select and substitute players as they wish. The better their players perform in the game, the more Viggle points the Viggle users win. Viggle introduced MyGuy during five games in the NBA Finals and 75 percent of Viggle users who had checked into the games used MyGuy to play along live.

The Viggle Platform Developer Kit is free and developers retain any profit generated from their app within the Viggle experience. To get started, developers can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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