Report: Mobile Commerce in Virtual and Augmented Reality

written by: Richard Kastelein

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The convergences of two powerful technologies and solutions, according to the Augmented Reality and Mobile Commerce report, will create many opportunities for new revenue generating applications. These applications will have a directly positive impact on the mobile commerce ecosystem as a new methods of interacting with real brands and real products in a virtual/augmented environment converts potential interest to actual sales.

This report analyzes the current status and assesses the future market value for m-commerce with Augmented Reality applications. This research includes evaluation of NFC, NFC vs. Cloud Payments, impacts and opportunities with LTE, mobile payments market forecast, and more. It also provides analysis of Augmented Reality can be used in social selling and social media interaction.

Key Findings:

  1. Augmented reality revenues will exceed $3 billion by 2015
  2. Mobile commerce revenues will be doubled by 2015 with AR applications
  3. Revenues generated from mobile phone augmented reality applications will reach $2.2 billion by 2015

Target Audience:

  • Social Commerce Vendors
  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Mobile Software Developers
  • OSS/BSS Solution Providers
  • Handset and Tablet Manufacturers
  • Mobile Payment Service Providers
  • Content and Applications Aggregators
  • Augmented Reality Technology Vendors
  • Mobile Marketing and Advertising Providers
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Providers

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