Report: Connected TV Video Viewing Surging - Long Form, Premium Content Driving the Sector

written by: Richard Kastelein

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adRise’s newly released, free Connected TV Market Report analyzes data of CTV viewers, usage, and trends from 100+ apps playing over half a million hours of video per month Connected TV (“CTV”) is growing at such a breakneck pace that it’s difficult to keep up with all the developments, let alone understand their impact. It’s the hot topic for the technology, content and advertising worlds but many questions remain due to the lack of data about viewers, OEMs, apps, content, etc. Without these important data markers, decision makers can not make informed calls in this rapidly evolving and valuable marketplace.

adRise’s Connected TV Market Report addresses many of these questions about the Connected TV (CTV) marketplace with data from CTV viewers and live CTV apps. The free Report provides an overview of the CTV marketplace, demographic analysis of CTV app users, usage and viewing trends, and much more. adRise collected data from their industry-leading analytics of CTV viewers and usage patterns from their 100+ CTV content partner apps.

“We realized most companies lacked data about CTV viewers and usage based on the number of questions we were getting from content owners, advertisers and even OEMs. So we decided to share not our opinions but rather the data we see every day since we’re in the unique position of working with so many CTV apps, content owners, advertisers, and OEMs” said adRise’s CEO and founder, Farhad Massoudi.

“Based on early feedback, we think this Report will be really informative for newcomers and veterans of the CTV world.”

The Report includes:

CTV Usage is Surging:

They say usage among all CTV devices increasing and, in aggregate, that has led to a 25x growth surge in a six month period among the apps they monitor.


Premium Content Rules:

CTV isn’t about cat videos and short clips. Contrary to popular belief, long-form premium video content dominates CTV devices and established players such as Netflix, Amazon, Starz, HBO, ESPN, and others have been leading the way.

CTV Ads Outperform:

CTV ads have an astounding 95% completion rate and long-form opt-in ads perform nearly as well.

Who’s Watching CTV?:

They have a lot of data on this subject, but essentially it is the highly educated, high-income viewers who are slightly more female than male. Also, 50% of CTV viewers are 27 years old or younger and 85% of CTV viewers are 47 years old or younger.

Download the FREE report here.


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