Digitalsmiths Offers New Solution for Monetizing Video Discovery Experiences

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Digitalsmiths, a leader in personalized video discovery technology, today announced enhancements to its Seamless Discovery platform that enable service providers, content providers and consumer electronics manufacturers to easily tailor content discovery experiences around their business requirements and revenue goals.

The Seamless Discovery Business Rules Engine gives customers new functionality for enhancing and monetizing video discovery experiences with personalized promotions targeted to different subsets of consumers, creating the ability to up-sell and cross-sell revenue-generating content and services.

Within the Business Rules Engine users can create, test, apply and manage rules across the entire Seamless Discovery platform. A sandbox environment enables customers to build rules then preview the impact on the discovery experience prior to making the rule live. A Reporting Console tracks real-time performance and results, offering reports on how business rules affect consumer actions and other key metrics.

"Seamless Discovery has already demonstrated its ability to drive substantially higher consumer engagement and satisfaction by connecting consumers to the most relevant video content available," said Matt Berry, Digitalsmiths CTO and co-founder. "With the integration of the Business Rules Engine, it is now easier for our customers to directly generate revenue from the discovery experiences we power."

With the Business Rules Engine, customized rules based on consumer preferences, subscription levels, geography, time of day/year, and other pre-defined and custom criteria can be strategically applied across the platform to control the output of personalized search results, recommendations and browsing experiences delivered to consumers.

A few examples of how this functionality can be leveraged to improve the consumer experience while driving new revenue include:

  1. Premium Content Promotion: With the Business Rules Engine, a rule can be created to target frequent viewers of "The Ultimate Fighter," the weekly series on FX with a sponsored recommendation for an upcoming UFC Pay-Per-View event.
  2. Video On Demand Promotion: With the Business Rules Engine, a rule can be created to deliver sponsored recommendations for "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" to subscribers who are fans of Robert Downey, Jr., the film's starring actor.
  3. New Series Promotion: With the Business Rules Engine, a rule can be created to promote the Discovery Channel's new show "Gold Rush: The Jungle" to frequent viewers of similar shows, such as "Deadliest Catch," the Discovery Channel series on Alaskan king crab fishermen.

"Using personalization technology to drive more relevant content recommendations can open up new opportunities for service providers," said Colin Dixon, Senior Partner, Advisory at TDG Research. "Digitalsmiths' solution can help operators create new marketing strategies and realize the potential to monetize the discovery process."

Digitalsmiths Seamless Discovery is the most comprehensive platform for personalized video discovery, offering personalized search, recommendations and browsing, social trending, mood-based recommendations, and a fully integrated business rules engine. With support for all connected devices, Seamless Discovery filters all sources of available video content by consumers' individual viewing preferences to surface the most relevant TV shows, movies and live events, whether that content is on live TV, on-demand or online.

Digitalsmiths will be unveiling the Business Rules Engine at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam.

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