Kaltura Launches Next Generation Solutions for Cross-Device Video Delivery

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Kaltura has announced an SDK and reference app for  Google TV, and out-of-the-box native reference apps for iOS and Android. The Mobile SDK and reference apps allow media companies to quickly and easily develop both publishing and capture apps for smartphones and tablets and two (as yet unnamed) blue-chip media companies have already chosen Kaltura’s new SDKs to create mobile apps for general TV content and for specific series and campaigns.

The Google TV reference app provides developers that are not familiar with Google TV interfaces and requirements with a development tool for quickly creating apps for Google TV connected TVs and set-top boxes.

Kaltura, developer of the first open source online video platform, (www.kaltura.com) announced today the addition of advanced cross-device video delivery functionalities to its complete suite of video applications for industry-leading media/broadcast companies, enterprises, and top educational institutions.  

Kaltura’s new innovative solutions include SDKs and reference applications for  Google TV, Integration with the Xbox gaming console, and out-of-the-box native reference applications for iOS and Android.  These new capabilities and applications directly complement Kaltura’s existing mobile support and integrations with Set Top Boxes such as Roku, Boxee, Flingo, rendering it the market’s most comprehensive suite of cross-device video delivery solutions.

According to the latest Global Mobile Media Forecast from Strategy Analytics, growth of mobile video usage is increasing dramatically: 108 billion videos were watched on mobile phones in 2011, almost trebling to 280 billion in 2012.

Kaltura’s enhanced features enable users to broaden their reach and increase engagement among peers.  Additional benefits include maximized monetization capabilities, as well as more streamlined and cost-effective workflows. 

The latest additions to Kaltura’s cross-device solutions include:

  1. Kaltura Google TV SDK and Reference Application – An SDK and fully designed and developed Reference Application for native video consumption using Kaltura’s Android SDK on Google TV connected TVs and  set top boxes;
  2. Kaltura Xbox Integration –A fully designed and developed Reference Application for native video consumption using Kaltura’s .NET SDK on connected Xbox 360 consoles;
  3. Kaltura Native iOS and Android Applications - these apps together with Kaltura’s mobile SDK provide the basic framework of a video-focused application out-of-the-box, including advanced features such as: a custom player with bitrate selector; managed, resumeable file upload from camera capture or gallery; sharing on Facebook, Twitter and email; browse and search with auto-complete.           

“Online video is increasingly becoming more complex behind the scenes – it’s not just about posting a video on a website anymore – today you need to ensure that your viewers can see your content on any device and in the optimal format,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura’s Chairman and CEO. “At Kaltura, we take the headache away from the customers, allowing them to focus on their business goals, while we take care of the technical complexities of watching any video on any device anywhere. The beauty of Kaltura’s open and flexible platform, is that it is constantly evolving to support new devices, new formats and new technologies as they emerge. From the customers’ perspective, they can simply manage all content within the Kaltura Management Console, and from there distribute it across the web, to any device or distribution channel at the click of a button.”

The world’s largest media corporations, biggest Fortune 500 companies, and top educational institutions are ideal targets for Kaltura’s new cross-device video functionality aimed at delivering seamless, high-quality video to audiences everywhere.

To learn more and download the SDKs, go to: http://corp.kaltura.com/ mobilesdk.




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