Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Eyes HbbTV and Second Screen Integration

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Videonet is reporting:
The DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) group is seeking an expanded role to unify global standards for multiscreen services, while also ending the historical regional fragmentation in digital terrestrial transmission. The organization is best known for setting physical layer standards for the three traditional broadcasting media of cable, satellite and terrestrial, but for the latter its DVB T and DVB T2 specifications are just one of four regional standards. 
At the same time emerging multiscreen services are being held back by fragmented standards, particularly over interaction between companion screens and linear broadcast services. At an IBC press conference the DVB said it wanted to act as a unifying force both in digital terrestrial transmission and companion screen interaction, while also clarifying its position over an emerging third generation satellite standard, presumably called DVB S3.
In the past 12 months the DVB has developed  three technology standards that have undergone various trials and deployments developments during 2011/12. 
  1. DVB-NGH: the 'next generation handheld' standard for mobile devices, perhaps potentially operating within both broadcast and telecom 4G networks
  2. DVB-3DTV Broadcast Phase 2: which provides a service-compatible stereoscopic 3DTV standard and enables legacy receivers to display a 2D HDTV image;
  3. DVB-S2:new features for  the second generation broadcast satellite standard for interactive services, news gathering and broadband satellite applications. 
Broadband TV News also reports that DVB is looking at HbbTV quite closely:
DVB Project Office executive director Peter Siebert has told Broadband TV News that the organization would be interested in bringing HbbTV under its wing.
“If I had a Christmas wish then that would be to have HbbTV in the DVB,” said Dr Siebert. “It’s logical sense when you look at the membership because it is basically the same.
A move to inside the DVB is not without precedent. Last year CI Plus was brought into the DVB having previously been a project within the organization. Recent development work will see an improved browser capability within the new version 1.4. A significant change will take place with the introduction of version 1.5 where the commercial group is currently working on requirements for a new, smaller, form factor.

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