Dijit Introduces NextGuide for iPad, the Hyper-Personalized Guide for Streaming and Live TV

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Dijit Media, Inc, today launched NextGuide™, a "hyper-personalized" guide for streaming and live TV that helps answer the question "what should I watch next?" and transforms the way people discover TV shows and movies for viewing either on the TV or on their iPad™.

NextGuide combines listings from any live TV service with movies and TV shows that can be found and played on services including Netflix and iTunes, with rich searching capability, alerts, and one-click watching. 

"In 2012, the concept of watching 'TV' can include anything from live or recorded movies, TV shows, and sporting events from cable or satellite providers or streaming services including Netflix. Further, viewing these shows has shifted from just the living room to the consumers' device of choice (TV, iPad, smartphone, etc.). To add to the confusion, there are pay TV subscribers, cord cutting, binge viewing. This type of fragmentation is bound to get even more chaotic in the future," says Jeremy Toeman, CEO of Dijit. 

 "We set out to create an app experience that helps the viewer reclaim control by getting away from old concepts, like 'the grid' and focusing instead on people, and how they consume media. We put you in control of your own guide that gets to know you, not just a spreadsheet of content.  And we give you an amazingly rich and intuitive browsing experience that actually helps you find the things you care about in a fun, easy and enjoyable way."

Robert Scoble writes at Business Insider:

This hooks up to Facebook and Twitter to bring a beautiful, customized TV guide to you. It’s yet another example of contextual software — one that brings you better experiences the more you tell the Internet about you.

Why is this so cool? Because over the past few years I’ve been telling Facebook more about what my favorite TV shows are. On my Facebook likes page you can see the 129 shows that I like. Next Guide uses this page to customize the layout and choices of TV shows it shows you.

But it goes further. It looks at other social behavior and even other content you liked to suggest new shows to you.

This shows another step toward what’s going to happen across the industry: that nearly everything we touch will get personalized thanks to data that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other systems have been collecting on us.

Janko Roettgers from Gigaom writes:

One key lesson learned with the Dijit app was that remote control functionality wasn’t used as much as the team initially thought. That’s why NextGuide squarely focuses on content recommendations. The app pulls in social data from Facebook and recommends content to you in a variety of channels, with the ability to add and customize the channels you’re interested in most, and even combine various filters. Only want live TV results about dogs in your home city? NextGuide can deliver.

There is also a time grid that mixes live and on-demand recommendations, which can be a bit confusing: It’s not easily understandable why NextGuide would recommend one Netflix title Thursday at 9 p.m. and another Friday at noon. Toeman acknowledged that the personalization could still be improved.

What’s interesting about NextGuide is that it’s not your classic throwing old ideas out of the window and starting over from scratch move. Instead, NextGuide and Dijit are joined by the hip: Dijit logins work on both apps, and comments posted on one of them are also displayed on the other.

The app also has powerful social features, and uses a person's Facebook friends' interests and their own profile to make recommendations. Unlike any other guide or listing service, NextGuide can not only assist in finding a show, but also launches shows directly into other viewing apps such as Netflix. NextGuide also gives DIRECTV customers with a DVR the ability to initiate recordings onto their home DVR fortimeshifted viewing.

Natan Edelsberg from Lost Remote:
Dijit’s been relatively quiet since the beginning of the year when it launched its iPad app. Now, the social TV startup led by Jeremy Toeman has launched NextGuide, a new iPad app that “brings personalization into the core of the TV discovery process, and connects people with shows they want to watch contextually based on interests, geography and personalities rather than times and channels,” according to the company. We spoke with Toeman who demo’d the app for us in New York.
Last year felt like the battle of the TV check in, and now 2012 is finishing off as the battle of the second screen platform with several apps gunning to be your social TV guide of choice. Zeebox is poised to launch in the US with rumors of a big Comcast partnership. TVGuide has launched a more powerful app than ever. GetGlue has taking their hundreds of millions of data points to launch a social guide. yap. TV is expanding around the globe. And now Dijit, which built it’s expertise by allowing you to actually control your TV from the app, wants to be the go-to place for discovery.
The new app features a slick design, displaying a scrollable mosaic of TV show graphics. Dijit says NextGuide is the “first-ever TV app for iPad that combines social features with any customers’ live TV listings, DirecTV DVR scheduling, and Netflix, HuluPlus, and iTunes content for search and playback, into the same view.” Toeman has big plans to move beyond just DirecTV DVR scheduling. “We think we’ll be within 50 million homes within a month or two,” he told Lost Remote. 

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