NEW: Netgear Push2TV - Wireless Mirroring of Mobile Content to TV

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Netgear, a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and service providers, today announced the next-generation Netgear Push2TV(TM) Wireless Display Adapter (PTV3000), which lets you wirelessly mirror a laptop Relevant Products/Services, smartphone or tablet Relevant Products/Services screen on your big screen TV. The new Push2TV Wireless Display Adapter supports Intel Relevant Products/Services Wireless Display (WiDi), and is one of the first adapters that is pre-standard compliant with the Wi-Fi Relevant Products/Services Alliance's Miracast specification. Both Intel WiDi technology and the Miracast standard allow a WiFi connection to be used to deliver audio and video Relevant Products/Services content from one device Relevant Products/Services to another, without cables or a connection to an existing WiFi network Relevant Products/Services.

The new Push2TV Wireless Display Adapter supports wirelessly transmitted image display in up to 1080p full HD Relevant Products/Services video resolution and 5.1 surround sound audio, so you can enjoy great quality movies, music, photos or any Web site on your big screen TV straight from your mobile Relevant Products/Services devices. About one-third the size of its predecessor, PTV2000, and about the same length and width of a credit card, the Push2TV adapter PTV3000 can be conveniently placed in most home theater environments without adding more clutter. It is an ideal entertainment accessory for any Intel WiDi or Miracast compatible laptop, tablet or smartphone -- even on the go.

The Push2TV Wireless Display Adapter offers flexible power options, featuring a low power usage design. The adapter can be conveniently powered using a USB port on your TV -- eliminating the need to run a separate power cable Relevant Products/Services or use up another electrical outlet. If your TV does not have a USB port, Push2TV comes with a power adapter that plugs directly into an electrical outlet.

According to a study by Parks Associates, 26% of all U.S. broadband Relevant Products/Services households still connect Relevant Products/Services a computer Relevant Products/Services to their TV to enjoy locally stored or online Relevant Products/Services content that is only accessible through their desktop or laptop. The Push2TV Wireless Display Adapter frees content from a small PC Relevant Products/Services, tablet or smartphone screen and allows you to watch sports, a movie, view photos or stream online content on your HDTV without connecting cables from your laptop to your TV. Instead, you can wirelessly mirror the content on the screen of your Intel WiDi or Miracast compatible device on your TV and enjoy it the way it's meant to be -- as a big screen entertainment experience.

In addition to Intel WiDi, which enables wireless Relevant Products/Services display capabilities with Intel Core(TM) i3, i5, i7 based laptops, Push2TV is also pre-standard compliant with the Wi-Fi Alliance's Miracast technology. Miracast creates an open Relevant Products/Services standard that allows a direct connection between devices. This enables you to mirror videos from a smartphone on a big screen TV, share a laptop screen with a conference Relevant Products/Services room projector to collaborate in real-time and more. Televisions, laptops, smartphones, tablets and set-top boxes like Push2TV, are among the device types that will be certified for Miracast interoperability near the end of 2012 as the Wi-Fi Alliance finalizes the specification.

"Consumers increasingly use laptops, smartphones and tablets to stream sports, movies or view high resolution photos, often leaving the big screen TV unused," said Damir Skripic, product line manager for connected entertainment at Netgear. "With the new Push2TV adapter PTV3000 and the forthcoming Miracast standard, you can easily enjoy entertainment you can't get from your cable or satellite operator on your big screen TV from your laptop or mobile devices."

Pricing and Availability

The Netgear Push2TV Wireless Display Adapter (PTV3000) will be available beginning September 20, 2012 for purchase at major retailers and online for USD $59.99.

For more information Relevant Products/Services on the Netgear Push2TV Wireless Display Adapter (PTV3000), please visit


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