BBC to Open Up New TV Application Layer To 3rd Party Developers?

written by: Richard Kastelein

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William Cooper Ph.D. of InformITV has written that The BBC is in a powerful position to shape the direction of the connected television market in the United Kingdom and beyond with the possibility to make its TV Application Layer available to third parties to help stimulate the market for connected television applications. And there are rumblings it could be open source.

"We must wait to see how and when the BBC will share its solution. The obvious approach would be to release it as an open source project to allow others to contribute," wrote Cooper.

According to Cooper, the BBC TV Application Layer (or TAL he coins it) attempts to deal with the differences between devices, such as remote control key mapping, media player interfaces, networking and storage and In theory this means that the BBC can develop and deploy applications on a well-defined interface without being aware of the specifics and idiosyncrasies of each device.

“This proved that we had found an elegant solution to a very tough challenge, and one which we believe is the only way application development on connected TVs can be done at scale for the foreseeable future,” said Roux Joubert, the head of television and mobile platforms at BBC Future Media on InformITV.

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