Opera Mobile Developer Platform Scaling Up – New Options, Reaching 40 Million Unique Monthly Users

written by: Richard Kastelein

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For any TV developers wanting to reach the second screen market in Asia, Africa and South America - the Opera Mobile Store,  today announced a broad portfolio of promotional options for developers to take advantage of its distribution power to 40 million unique monthly users. Combine the power of the Opera mobile solution with the interactivity of the Opera TV solution and we have a significant solution for emerging markets.

The Opera Mobile Store is available through Opera Software's flagship Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers and has proven content distribution in some of the world's fastest-growing mobile markets, including India, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia and South Africa.

Today, the Opera Mobile Store is announcing promotional options that extend beyond the mobile store to reach more than 200 million unique users of Opera products, as follows:

  • Opera Mobile Store sponsored product listings: Sponsored product listings on the homepage as well as major content categories
  • Opera Mobile Store featured app banners: Rich graphical ad units showcasing developer apps
  • Smart Page: Browser launch-page banners available in the new Opera Mini 7
  • Smart text banners: Contextually-relevant app promotions within Opera's new smart content aggregation service, available in Opera Mini 7
  • App of the Week promotions on Opera's Facebook and Twitter pages, targeted by region

Opera recently launched a self-service app promotion portal, where developers can bid for customer downloads. Opera's pay-per-download (PPD) platform enables robust targeting by region, platform, handset and more. Developers can drive an incremental 200,000 or more highly-targeted downloads daily, greatly accelerating their growth and customer reach.

For example, NewsHunt, the largest news application on mobile phones, across Android, Java, Symbian, IOS and other platforms, with more than 6 million monthly unique users and close to 500 million monthly page views, has seen millions of downloads since working with Opera Mobile Store on app promotions.

"We have used Opera's multiple app promotion channels with great success. Opera has been a major catalyst in our growth in Asia," says Virendra Gupta, CEO of Ver Se Innovation Pvt. Ltd., which runs Newshunt.

Given Opera's strong presence in the CIS, developers in Russia have also benefited from the Opera Mobile Store's reach in promoting mobile apps.

"Using Smart Page and sponsored product listings, we saw explosive growth in our community app," says Konstantin Odnokolkin of MocoMedia based out of Russia. "Opera was able to work with us on managing traffic quality to achieve our target CPI (Cost Per Install) while still hitting aggressive growth goals."

Developers wanting to take advantage of Opera Mobile Store distribution can go to http://publishers.mobilestore.opera.com/, where they can upload apps and use the self-service advertising portal to get started. For further inquiries, please contact oms-ads[at]opera.com.


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