Report: UK's Redbee on Second Screen

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Dual Screen Research

The 'second screen' continues to be a key point of development and demand across the TV value chain.  In a new series of whitepapers drawing from primary qualitative and quantitative research, Red Bee Media and Decipher explore the definitions and dynamics of the second screen landscape, assess audience demand for synchronized, companion experiences, and reveal the opportunities and challenges afforded by the second screen for content creators, broadcasters, platforms and advertisers.

In the first paper 'Setting the Scene', they discuss the shape of the second screen landscape, provide definitions and introduce the key client demand and industry perceptions.

In the second paper 'Dual Screen Consumers', they reveal the demand that exists amongst consumers for more detailed and synchronized companion application experiences.

The third paper, which will reveal the opportunities and challenges for content creators, broadcasters, platforms and advertisers, will be released in November.

To view all of their 'Insights' reports and research, please visit the website.

Red Bee Media Limited is a media management company headquartered in west London, United Kingdom at the Broadcast Centre, with offices in Scotland and international offices in Australia, Paris, France, Berlin, Germany, Seville, Spain and Indonesia. Red Bee Media has 1,500 employees worldwide, including home-workers, and revenues of £153m in 2008/09.

Clients include television broadcasters such as the BBC, UKTV, Virgin Media Television and Channel 4, as well as brands such as Nike, Lonely Planet, and Malaria No More. Red Bee Media transmits over 120 television streams on analogue, digital terrestrial, digital satellite, cable, web and mobile, among them all the domestic BBC channels (except for BBC Parliament, the production and playout of which is handled by Millbank Studios), along with international channels including BBC World News, BBC Worldwide and BBC Food, and is viewed in over 200 countries and territories across the globe. It handles the majority of video on demand (VOD) services in the UK, including the BBC (BBC iPlayer) and Channel 4 (4OD). Red Bee Media was formerly BBC Broadcast Limited.



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