Report: Consumer Behavior Across Pay-TV, VOD, OTT and Next-Gen Features

written by: Richard Kastelein

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How well do you know consumers’ TV viewing habits? What do consumers want from their pay-TV providers? How do consumers really view their pay-TV providers?

These are three of the many questions Digitalsmiths answers with the Q4 2012 Consumer Survey and Video Discovery Trends Report.

Download this quarterly report to get real, unbiased feedback from consumers using all major pay-TV providers on a variety of key pay-TV topics:

  • Is the hype around cord-cutting valid?
  • How much time do consumers spend channel surfing versus watching DVR’d content?
  • Why are pay-TV providers losing millions in VOD revenue?
  • Are consumers promoting their viewing activity via social channels?
  • How do consumers view new trends/features for improving their viewing and discovery experiences?

A technology leader in personalized video search and recommendations for interactive TV, Digitalsmiths offers solutions that greatly improve the speed and ease with which consumers can find relevant, engaging entertainment across multiple channels and devices, including second screens such as smart phones and tablets. Digitalsmiths serves customers that span all media channels and devices including Cisco, Warner Bros., Paramount, Technicolor, Turner Sports, the NBA, the PGA, and NASCAR. Digitalsmiths is privately held and backed by .406 Ventures, Aurora Funds, Chrysalis Ventures, Cisco, and Technicolor.

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