Seevibes Dashboard Launches - Collaboration with Harvard Researcher

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Seevibes today launched the TV Dashboard, a tool to analyze the social performance of TV shows. Unique in Canada, this tool is intended to revolutionize how we rate the success of TV programs.

A true portrait of the viewer in the 2.0 era

The tools offered by Seevibes use viewer engagement on social networks to go beyond mere ratings to understand in more detail what the public really thinks.

Determined to provide the Canadian media industry with the most accurate portrait possible of its viewers, Seevibes has developed a new technology, exclusive to the TV Dashboard, that precisely identifies the geographic location of the Social TV audience. To develop this filter, Seevibes worked with Harvard student researcher Philippe Bouzaglou, originator of the social graph which later formed the basis of the Facebook relationship system.


This new technology puts Seevibes ahead of competitors who have not yet developed a technology to determine the location of people discussing particular TV shows on social media.

New ways to consume, new ways to measure

The inclusion of this innovation in the new Seevibes TV Dashboard will help broadcasters valorize their TV programming and develop content in response to consumer interest, besides offering media agencies and advertisers the opportunity to maximize cross-media advertising campaigns.

"New habit patterns, platforms and technologies change the way people consume television, but the analytical methods used to count viewers have hardly changed in over 60 years," says Laurent Maisonnave, president of Seevibes. "Billions of comments shared by a hyper-connected public provide a unique opportunity to enrich traditional ratings by taking into account the experience of viewers on social media."



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