Transmedia: Galahad Releases multi-platform content engine

written by: Richard Kastelein

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The Shadow Gang, a new breed of entertainment studio based in Los Angeles today unveiled its proprietary multi-platform distribution engine, titled ‘Galahad’ at the StoryWorld Conference + Expo.

Galahad is the first and only turnkey platform that allows users to preload and run entire story-worlds and campaigns from a single, centralized hub, including online and mobile content, gaming, social media and e-commerce extensions. With the rise in demand from content creators and brands for robust digital experiences to connect with audiences and expand revenue potential, The Shadow Gang developed Galahad as a solution to ‘power up’ content to generate engagement and profit for media executives, producers, marketing managers, writers, and community managers. Relevant for the film, television, publishing, gaming and marketing industries, Galahad arms users with the tools to:

  1. Create compelling, interactive branching videos, logic games, interactive comics, point/reward systems and trackers, and much more to drive deeper, longer fan engagement
  2. Monitor and enhance audience engagement with extensive and accurate analytic data
  3. Sell, manage and administer virtual and real world story-related merchandise
  4. Drive fans to new and relevant content, interactions, and rewards
  5. Generate new distribution channels for revenue growth

Galahad simplifies the management and distribution of original media through proprietary, custom-built tools designed to connect with and engage fans with story-worlds across platforms. Additional services can be added to Galahad’s core tools to deepen fan integration and message reach including capabilities in augmented reality, SMS and second screen mobile. Content creators and brands can ‘upload’ their existing content or have The Shadow Gang produce original content that can be used to expand and prepare their property for multiple platforms.

Available now as a stand-alone tool, the Immersive Video Builder is a unique, highly flexible video tool that lets the content creator sequence their content in such a way that allows the viewer to affect the story as they watch it in a ‘choose your path’ interactive video experience. A “Catch the Killer!” video demonstration of the tool, shot and produced entirely by The Shadow Gang, and access to the tool itself, can be found at [link].

“As a producer and director for many years, I know how content creators are struggling to keep up with the digital demands of audiences,” said Alex LeMay, co-founder and CEO of The Shadow Gang. “That’s why we created Galahad as an efficient and manageable platform to help others produce multi-platform digital experiences that release content, messages, and rewards at strategic moments for their TV episodes, movie launches or major book releases.”

On Thursday, October 18, The Shadow Gang will present Galahad in an interactive demonstration at StoryWorld starting at Noon in the main exhibit hall.

“There are so many never-before-seen opportunities for revenue growth in content production today,” said Josh Lamb, co-founder and chief operating officer of The Shadow Gang. “Galahad can help creators realize these opportunities and capitalize on them.”

The Galahad concept of a ready-made distribution engine for content creators was born out of the successful digital multiplatform campaign ‘GoBZRK,’ created by The Shadow Gang in 2011 to cultivate audiences and drive pre-sale buzz for the global book launch of BZRK, written by best-selling author Michael Grant. The Shadow Gang created the idea and original content from the ground-up and took audiences through an immersive and compelling storyline that unfolded across multiple touch points including websites, comic books, social media, an iOS and Android 3D game and interactive experiences. GoBZRK built massive audience participation and marketplace momentum with impressive results including driving foreign publishing sales in 14 countries in less than three months, garnering 125,000 unique visitors, 245,000 video views across all BZRK sites and 432,000 page views without the use of ad buys.

The name Galahad hails from Arthurian legend representing one of the most celebrated knights from King Arthur’s court. The legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable has been told across books, movies, games, toys, comics and every single medium imaginable and Galahad pays tribute to one of the greatest and most withstanding narratives of all time.

For more information about The Shadow Gang and Galahad, visit and follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.


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