Tok.Tv Launches Tok Baseball, the First Voice Enabled Second Screen TV Companion Free App

written by: Richard Kastelein

Share this Article, a San Francisco based Social TV company, today announced the launch of TOK Baseball, the first free iPad app that allows up to four people to TALK, voice not text, while watching their favorite game on TV. The experience is enriched by real time statistics and information about the game, an area where TV is notoriously weak.

“Sports fans like me think it’s a bit pathetic to watch a baseball game on TV alone; yet, we do it anyway because we just love the sport.” said Fabrizio Capobianco, CEO and founder of “Watching a game with friends is so much more fun. It changes the experience. That’s why we created We want to give people the opportunity to TALK to their friends while watching a game on TV, even when they are not physically in the same room.”

TOK Baseball doesn’t replace a TV. It’s a perfect social companion that enriches the experience of watching TV. Consumers are already embracing a “second screen”: 86% of mobile web users have a second device on their hands while watching TV.

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“We believe our technology adds something new and critically important to the Social TV revolution: voice. The opportunity to talk while watching the favorite game or show on TV.” added Capobianco. “In addition, we give TV Networks the opportunity to engage more with their viewers and to monetize in new, different ways. It’s a classic win-win situation.”

TOK Baseball can be downloaded for free on the App Store and works with any version of the iPad.

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  • Find The Game - It's easy to spot all the live games in a cool, zoomable map
  • Invite Friends - See who is watching the game and ask them to join the virtual living room
  • Talk While Watching - TALK to other three friends simultaneously through an iPad while watching the game on TV (voice, no text)
  • Make Noise - Play with the sound carousel. It's like being at the ballpark.
  • Get More From The TV Broadcast - Learn more about the game and players with additional stats and facts on the iPad screen

TOK Baseball is the first voice enabled second screen TV companion app. Soon will be launching TOK Football to enjoy games on TV the way you were meant to. With friends.


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