London TV Hackfest 2012 Kicks Off this Weekend

written by: Richard Kastelein

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TV Hackfest 2012 kicks off in London this weekend with a fusion of developers and creatives who will use both transmedia tools and technology APIs and SDKs to 'hack' cool new TV experiences around second screen, augmented reality and other technologies.

Unlike other hackathons, creatives from the TV industry such as writers and producers have signed up to participate - getting access to new technologies to help drive new TV experiences and the technologists will have the opportunity to tap into narrative, storytelling and the unfamiliar ground of TV.

Getting started

The event is free and held at Ravensbourne College in London -  the first step if you want to attend is to order tickets at Eventbrite


All APIS (we have 30 from sponsors and open source with another 100 available) will be made available 24 hours before kickoff at 17:00 on Thursday, October 25th. The event itself runs from Friday evening at 17:00 right through to Saturday night (yes staying all night is an option) and is held at Ravensbourne College.

We have room for 100 to spend the night if you so choose. Ravensbourne has showers, nice big comfortable sofas and it's not as bad as it sounds. The hackfest will be on the fourth and sixth floors - with the fourth floor being a 'chillout' space and the sixth floor more bustling.

How It Works -Forming Groups

We are going to run it similarly to Startup Weekend format where we have a microphone out and people can simply start sharing their ideas to the crowd and groups are formed ad hoc - generally.

However, we have also opened up a Linkedin Group which you can see below if you want to start networking early. Start posting on ideas and get to know people ahead of time if you like. Try and keep the groups under six people.

What makes this hackathon more interesting than any other we have seen is the amount of content specialists (transmedia storytellers, producers, writers) and entrepreneurs who have signed up. As well as the usual coders, developers, UX/UI, and design talent usually found at these events. This truly will be an experiment in media convergence and hacking.

Food and Drink

We will be bringing in Pizza on Friday night with drinks and there will be snacks on the Saturday party but there's also a regular bar and some snacks available on site with Ravensbourne staff. Note there will be some free booze as well as Cisco has sponsored drinks on one of the nights.

Get Social!
@tvhackfest is the official Twitter account - #tvhackfest is the hashtag and the short link is . Facebook is

Main website is here:



HERE is where you can get your ticket which you will need to get into the College (also option for paperless via Mobile App).


Linkedin has been set up on Linkedin in. Here you can network, find common interest and sew the seeds of the groups for 2012 Hackfest 2012! As there is a rich mixture of creatives (writers, designers, transmedia storytellers, producers), and Technologists (coders, UX/UI, developers) and entrepreneurs, it would be beneficial to start the formation of groups here.


Lanyrd has also been set up for those that use Lanyrd. Lanyrd helps people get more out of conferences and professional events, by finding the best events to attend, meeting the right people while there and gathering together slides, notes and video once the event has ended

Who will be attending?

Over 1,000 leading broadcasters, technologists, hackers, storytellers, content creators, brands, researchers and media brands. Some of the biggest and most disruptive players in Transmedia will be facilitating workshops – from Ogilvy Innovation Labs to Portal Entertainment; BBC Writers Room to Young Rewired State; Said Business School to Agora Media. Remember you can apply for be part of London Transmedia Fest 2012 by registering your interest in not only Hackfest but also six others!
  1. A world-class Storytelling Lab day from Ogilvy, featuring keynotes, case studies, panels and inspiration sessions.
  2. The world’s largest Transmedia Hackfest (external site), bringing technology and creative industries together.
  3. A two day immersive writing workshop, with a £6,000 development contract up for grabs. (Closing date for applications – 12.00pm on Friday, October 12th)
  4. Scores of exhibitors gathering to display the most innovative applications of Transmedia worldwide.
  5. Learn the six-pack of future funding skills at the Ravensbourne Future Media Bootcamp
  6. See eminent Transmedia academics debate the future of Transmedia
  7. Scare people out of their wits and get your project seen by 17m people at the Digital Shoreditch Halloween Scareathon

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