Connect Four & Mass Relevance become Official Partners

written by: Richard Kastelein

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UK's Connect Four Productions, a consultancy specialising in Convergent Format and Viewer Engagement solutions in TV, are now the official partner of American technology company Mass Relevance, who's powerful social engagement platform is deployed with 25 broadcasters in the US.

Connect Four Productions will add and create enhancements to the console to help package and sell Social TV solutions into the UK broadcasters more quickly and effectively.

"We endorse the most appropriate engagement tech which will provide the biggest ease of use and enhancement to any social show, particularly live," said Tom Bowers MD of Connect Four, on why they are working with Mass Relevance. "Social TV needs to be streamlined and endorsed by a reputable company that understands the broadcast space in respect to how to empathetically introduce social, with the most appropriate technological and creative solutions that will enhance new and existing formats."

"Mass Relevance also have access to the full firehose from twitter, something that other competitors in this space do not -  making analytics off the live activity the most accurate and tangible... something which is key for broadcasters to have to start using the social information in order to build up understanding of the viewers social behaviour around different show genres."

Connect Four is a consultancy specialising in social TV concept creation, convergent format and broadcast viewer engagement solutions and have worked on numerous high profile television shows such as The Voice, Million Pound Drop and Got to Dance.

Mass Relevance manage the live social media aggregation and articulation for such shows as X Factor US, Idol, and So You Think You Can Dance and their console aggregates and curates a multitude of social media streams such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



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