Ex Machina and zeebox Launch Live Interactive Polls Capability Across All Of Television

written by: Richard Kastelein

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zeebox and Ex Machina announce today that zeebox has licenced Ex Machina's PlayToTV technology for massively scalable, realtime interactivity.  A range of new, interactive widgets – including polls, play-along games, prediction games and voting – will be integrated in zeebox and made available to millions of consumers in the US, UK and Australia.

Anthony Rose, Zeebox co-founder and CTO, says:

"By integrating PlayToTV into our Mission Control platform, we're making it easy for a broadcaster to create a play-along, social TV or interactive experience delivered within zeebox without needing any technical resource – and that's a huge game changer."

Jeroen Elfferich, Ex Machina's co-founder and CEO, adds:

"We are delighted that Zeebox has selected our PlayToTV platform as the core technology for large scale, realtime interactivity. Zeebox offers the best overarching second screen experience today already and we look forward to help make it even better by adding truly exciting interactive features."

The PlayToTV widgets will be fully configurable by zeebox's broadcast and content partners using its Mission Control web dashboard.  This enables broadcasters to create new interactive experiences on the fly across all TV channels, without needing to develop or promote stand-alone apps.  The widgets will be plugged into the zeebox social graph, instantly enabling zeebox users to play along with their friends, which is simply more fun.

Today's media consumption is rapidly evolving because more and more viewers go online while watching TV in a phenomenon known as 'second-screening'. Zeebox and Ex Machina are pioneers in creating relevant and meaningful second-screen experiences and are both considered market leaders in their respective fields.

Zeebox is recognised worldwide for its breakthrough second-screen app that has taken the UK, US and Australian markets by storm, while Ex Machina has an unprecedented track record in providing technology and solutions for realtime online interactivity to broadcasters and TV production companies around the world with massive numbers of concurrent users. 

zeebox's revolutionary Mission Controlweb dashboard allows content owners to enhance their shows and channels on the zeebox app in a matter of hours, distributing exclusive content to consumers, connecting directly with fans through live interactions and social engagement, and monetizing the second screen alongside TV commercials through synchronized, targeted, relevant advertising and affiliate links.  The PlayToTV widgets add to zeebox's growing library of consumer experiences that its partners can choose from to engage with the fans of their shows.

Zeebox is available on the Web, on iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones at http://zeebox.com.


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