TV Hackathon announced at Apps World: Hackfest Coming to San Francisco

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Pushing the boundaries of multiplatform TV content development is central to the cross platform ethos of the Apps World event, and they are delighted to have joined teams with the TV HackFest to host the first Apps World TV hackathon in San Fran this Feb at the Moscone Centre West.

Ian Johnson, Founder, Apps World says:

"We are thrilled to be bringing the TV HackFest to Apps World. TV is an exciting new area for developers and our aim is to provide a platform at our events for these guys to really get creative with their coding and design… and TV HackFest does just that."

Richard Kastelein, Founder TV HackFest says:

“Teaming up with Apps World in San Francisco and London in 2013 is a perfect fit for HackFest and with hundreds of APIs and SDKs relative to hacking new TV experiences – we expect the participants will really take TV to another level. The intersection of TV and the Internet is here – and there’s half a trillion dollars globally at stake in the traditional TV value chain. The Internet massively disrupted both print and music and TV is not immune.”

Presently, the global Games industry is worth around $70 billion for 2012. That's twice the size of the Music industry, twice the size of the book industry, and three times the size of the movie industry. We have Generation G (gamers) who are now in their forties who have grown up engaging with content. Over 100,000 people play along with The Million Pound Drop live on Friday nights in the UK, and over 600,000 downloaded The Voice of Holland out of a population of 16.5 million (in USA terms that would be 11,528,900 second screen engagement downloads for one show).

One should not underestimate how quickly and drastically consumer behaviour can change. Remember when we used to use mobile phones for just calling people? Look what we do with them now? TV will change from what we have known for decades - it's ripe for it - there's too much visual ritalin, too many commercials, and, as narrative developments show in the Transmedia world, stories are going to get more complex on TV... as they should in the future. We have been on a long journey from - people screaming at a screening of an oncoming train during the first ever publically shown film - to extremely rich, complex narratives withTransmedia properties such as The Matrix and Avatar today.

Taking place on the first day of the event, the TV HackFest will bring together Silicon Valley’s finest for a coding marathon workshop of creativity and hands on developer collaboration.

The aim of TV HackFest is to provide a range of TV technologies, SDKs and APIs as well as briefs and competitions - to developers, designers, agencies, creatives and entrepreneurs to build design and show how future video entertainment could be delivered within an interactive multi-screen environment.

The HackFests will feature at both Apps World San Fran and Europe in 2013, with the brand expanding into niches to create targeted coding workshops throughout 2013.

Apps World will feature nine workshop tracks over the duration of the show including three FREE developer workshops and a one day agenda purely focused to TV Apps and Multi screen, featuring discussion and advice about the industry's topic issues and detail how to get involved in developing this new technology.

Find out more about the TV HackFest North America and register to take part for free here


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