ConnecTV Brings Ads to Second Screen

written by: Richard Kastelein

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The LA Times reports in an interview that ConnecTV is bringing Ads to the second screen for Social TV:

When the Ad Sync technology recognizes a commercial, actor or key term on television, it can deliver a related ad to the smartphones and tablet computers in the room.

ConnecTV is launching a new type of advertising network that will enable brands to enhance their television commercials by delivering a second-screen experience to smartphones and tablets. The Ad Sync technology recognizes the spot airing on TV — say, an ad for "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" — then delivers information to the portable devices in the room about the nearest theaters screening the movie.

A feature called TV Words allows advertisers to buy key terms — much as brands do now with Internet search through Google Inc.'s AdWords. Anytime a particular name or phrase is spoken on television, a related ad would pop up on a smartphone, tablet or computer running ConnecTV's free app (or other apps that are part of the network).


Cory Bergman from Lost Remote also reports:

With TV Words, a Skyfall ad would trigger when Daniel Craig is introduced on a late night talk show, for example. “We’ve created a deep, broad database of TV keywords that surround advertising, TV programming and movies,” Jolna explains, adding the ad could also trigger for mentions of James Bond or 007. The “Google-like experience” is tied to a content recognition system that analyzes audio, programming schedules, ad serving systems and closed captioning.

The ads are delivered “in seconds” after the TV ad begins to air, Jolna said. If a viewer is watching on a DVR and skips a commercial break with an Ad Sync ad, ConnecTV will display the ad anyway. “In a way, we’re also DVR proof,” Jolna says, noting his days at TiVo contemplating the ad-skipping dilemma.

The ads will be sold by both ConnecTV and its broadcast partners — ten local TV groups representing nearly 250 stations across the country with an aggregate sales force of more than 2,000 local sales executives.

The question is - how will second screen social TV users take to having advertising on the second screen? Internet behaviour indicates that popups and flashy banner ads are more disdained the appreciated. Agencies and brand will have to step carefully as they explore this option in the future.


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