Research From Broadbandchoices' Reveals That Broadband Could Mark The End For The Traditional TV

written by: Richard Kastelein

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One in three Brits would happily ditch their traditional TV set for another viewing device, according to new research released by In a study of UK viewing habits by, a third (33%) of those polled revealed they would rather watch programmes on a tablet, smart-phone or laptop than on a traditional television set. 1

  • One in three Brits would swap their TV for an internet enabled viewing device
  • Over a third of UK adults watch catch-up TV online
  • A quarter watched less TV on a standard set in 2012 than in 2002
  • Collapse of HMV and Blockbuster could lead to increase in streaming of TV and films

Experts at predict that by 2017 the ordinary television set will be replaced as the primary viewing device in most British homes thanks to the humble broadband connection. As faster fibre optic broadband is rolled out across the country, internet TV watched on gadgets such as tablets and smartphones is becoming the default choice for many people, offering the advantage of viewing on the move. The survey also revealed a quarter of respondents (26%) watch less TV through a standard television set than they did ten years ago.2

This reflects a wider generational shift in habits, as younger viewers become more mobile and are less inclined to sit in front of a static TV set. Recent Ofcom statistics highlight that traditional television viewing among 25-34 year olds has fallen from an average of 3.5hrs to 3.3hrs per day from 2005 to 2011.3 On-demand availability has been a major factor in the shift away from traditional TV habits, with an increasing number of viewers choosing to catch up online and not be dictated to by a rigid TV schedule.

1 One Poll survey of 2000 people, 33.3% of those questioned said they would rather keep an alternative device if given the choice between that and a traditional television set
2 26.45% of those questioned watch less television through a standard set than they did 10 years ago
3 Ofcom report

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