Verizon reports: Social TV widgets are a smash hit

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VerizonVerizon reports on their forum that YouTube & Internet Radio are a smash hit on FiOS.

"We were ahead of this trend with the launch of the first of our FiOS TV social widgets - Facebook and Twitter - last July, and they continue to be very popular.  In fact, over 15 million photos have been viewed using the Facebook widget, and in the first two weeks of launch, 2.5 million Tweets were viewed using the Twitter widget."

Another affirmation of their success is that:

"...It’s clear our customers love the new enhancements. After just one week, FiOS TV customers have viewed over 24,300 YouTube videos and streamed over 59,500 stations on their TV sets."

Have a look at their TV widgets here.

The most interesting is that Verizon launched an application which turns some mobile phones into a TV remote control. No or one less other device, incorporation of the mobile simplifies the TV experience.

Some of the features and benefits of FiOS Mobile Remote are:

  • Customizable, portable favorites
    Auto-import all TV programs you’ve marked as Favorites, add to or remove from your list and take them with you to any HD Set-Top Box in your home.

  • Flick photos to the TV
    Take any photo on your mobile device and flick it directly to your TV. Your photo instantly appears on your TV and thereby allowing you to show a big screen slideshow of all photos on your phone.

  • Mute TV for phone calls
    Set your FiOS Mobile Remote app. to automatically mute the TV when you’re receiving a call. It lets you easily switch from controlling the TV to taking your phone call to watching TV again.

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