IPTV – shall we all forget the set-top boxes and buy internet-enabled TVs?

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GfK"IPTV is no longer tied to commercial bundles of high speed internet access, television and telephone (triple play), but the success of the technology continues to be dependent upon the strength of the home broadband connection."

That is the outcome of a research conducted by GfK NOP Technology division.

Furthermore, the research reveals that 80% of the UK Internet population watches IPTV using primarily the following Customer-Premises Equipments (CPEs):
TV Access - GfK

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An emerging trend here is the role of the TV set as a CPE device. Further more, isolating the fact that there is a good portion of the population (25%) who use their flat panel TV set to view IPTV, the same research identfies that the top three ways to do so are:

  • By connecting to a pc/laptop – 38%
  • Via a game console – 22%
  • Directly connected to a broadband router – 16%

Interestingly, the list does not include services that rely on a set-top box installation (Virgin is in fourth place – 11%, while BT Vision has only a very small penetration – 2%). In addition, internet-enabled TVs, only available since 2009 in the UK, appear to make an interesting category.

The article ends with the challenge IPTV service providers should take up:
Nonetheless, consumers today have increasingly more options to watch IPTV and this can only be a good thing. The challenge should lie with the providers of IPTV services and CPEs to leverage the technological advantages and create new opportunities.

Triple play providers should not perceive this evolving nature of IPTV as a threat, but as something that can help boost its uptake in the UK market.

Visit the GfK Retail and Technology website for more news on Consumer Electronics and Technology.

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