Verizon Plans FiOS IPTV Service

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David Worthington, Senior editor SD Times and Technologizer contributor, reports on Technologizer that according to a well-placed source within Verizon, the company is in the early phases of deploying an IPTV system in order to bring their FiOS brand to the Web.
While I was was not given any timetable for the service’s arrival, Verizon is operating under a sense of urgency. “We are late to the game,” my source told me.
He continues:
The service will extend beyond PCs to gaming consoles. Internal testers at Verizon are already using the service, including software for Sony’s PlayStation 3. A Verizon spokesperson has not returned request for comment.
Concluding with:
Today’s consumers wants to watch what they want when they want, and have less of an inclination to pay for content (i.e. channels) that they do not wish to watch. Those devices not only make that scenario possible, they make the experience enjoyable. I expect that trend to accelerate as more content becomes available online.
What are your thoughts on Verizon's move and the trend acceleration referred to by Mr. Worthington?

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