BBC iPlayer now available on the iPad

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BBC iPlayerThe iPlayer is available on the iPad, as BBC Internet Blog reports.

As soon as the iPad will be available in the UK (late May), the iPlayer can become a popular reason to buy an iPad.
For the iPlayer, the iPad is just another device in the iPlayer device portfolio, with a difference that this device is a possible game-changer in terms of CE usage.

On the BBC blog it states:
The iPlayer site you are seeing on the iPad is what we call the iPlayer Bigscreen site where a small team build browser based applications to deliver content.
The same iPlayer destination being used for iPad also works for PS3, Sony BluDisc players, Cello TVs, and in the near future, multiple other browser based CE devices.
How did BBC bypassed the challenge of Adobe's Flash?
We decided that the best route to implement our video and audio player was playback using the html5 video tag. This allows us to integrate the native player into our site, where we serve two H.264 flavours, one 1500kbps for the high quality video (default), and a lower 800kbps you can use if you are bandwidth constrained.
As part of the new iPlayer 3 Beta that was unveiled this Wednesday, the iPad will be able to access the last seven days of BBC TV and Radio programmes.

iPlayer on the iPad
(taken from Unbeatable)

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