Google Releases New Google TV Video

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Earlier this week Google finally published a more comprehensive video on the Google TV product, further to the first introductory video that was simply a cartoon.

For those who watched the Google TV release at Google I/O 2010 on video, there's not much new here. Google TV will be available via STB and Sony TV's  and, as an alternative to the EPG, they will offer some new search methodology and ways to record existing television content -  and - simple enough... viewers will be able to view online content on their televisions.

They are opening the Web to TV, not creating a Widgitized' TV space. Embedded TV within web. Embedded web within TV. Seemless. The web ecosystem will become part of the TV ecosystem. You will go from 200 channels to millions overnight. Your content will become more targeted based on your viewing habit and the caveat - so will your advertising. Web Apps meet TV Apps Meet Phone Apps. Preferences turn into Subscriptions.

Nice to see them come out with a simple, basic video in order to disseminate the concept more easily.

{youtube width="425" height="340"}vS0la9SmqWA{/youtube}

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