SonicPlayer Announces Platform for Delivering Live Mobile TV on Apple iPhone, iPad and Google Android devices

written by: Richard Kastelein

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SonicPlayer announced today the release of a technology they think will revolutionize the way developers create applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Which in turn could affect the future of Live TV on the big living room screen as this kind of technology could even give Skype TV a run for it's money in the emerging TV landscape, by allowing mobile and tablet video recording with real-time playback on the big screen. The TVG Studio platform also has an SDK for creating live television applications in Adobe Flash - which means it could also play well on the upcoming Google TV platform.

The technology called TVG makes it possible for publishers to instantly create live television channels and for developers to create slick mobile TV apps for iPhone and Android or to easily add live television to their existing mobile applications.

The company projects that the accessibility of this technology will make Internet and mobile television more widespread than ever, and as a result, the number of live Internet and mobile television channels available on the web will quadruple by 2011.

“Live Television is a major social experience” says Moses Johnson creator of the TVG Studio technology. “ This is epitomized by watching the same thing at the same time, and that opens the door for social interactions such as chat and the real-time exchange of ideas and conversations. As a development platform TVG is revolutionizing interactive social experiences on web and mobile in a way that is unprecedented and we want to quickly get these tools in the hands of developers and content creators so the party can begin”.

"Everyday we wake up and think - where can we bring TV today? Where has it never been possible before? We'd like to bring that social television, shared viewing experience, to places where it's never before been accessible”.

The SonicPlayer’s next goals include bringing the TVG platform game consoles such as XBOX, PS3, Wii, Sony PSP, and Nintendo 3DS enabling game developers to integrate live broadcasts inside their multi-player games. Aside from gaming platforms, Connected TV integration seems like the next logical move.

“Instead of us building our own TV application, we decided to let developers, start-ups and media companies 'knock it out of the park' by taking what they're already working on, and kicking it up a notch into their wildest dreams.” Johnson remarked, “We provide the code so they can realise their vision.”

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