Italian Fastweb Introduces Innovative TV ad Formats on Fastweb IPTV Platform

written by: Richard Kastelein

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FastWeb, the first company worldwide to launch IPTV over a decade ago in 2000, has today announced a new advertising and marketing service which will allow Italian advertisers to communicate and interact with FastWebTV households directly on the TV screen with a wide arrange of new interactive formats. Sales of the new TV ad format to advertisers will be managed by WebAds.

The service is enabled by a technology developed by justAd.TV that allows Internet advertising campaigns to run on TV Set-Top-Boxes (STB). Banners are displayed on the television screen when the viewer pauses the video or when fast-forwarding, without interrupting the viewer experience and with this fresh technology, Italian advertisers can finally have a single campaign for both Internet and TV audiences.

"We are extremely pleased to have this opportunity of working with FastWeb and justAd.TV. To advertisers, new opportunities of interactive advertising will be offered, which will be all based on the interaction of the viewer," said Constantijn Vereecken, WebAds Managing Partner. "This new service is key to WebAds' strategy of developing new advertising opportunities within different multimedia platforms. With our strong international experience we believe that through innovation, our focus on research and the continuous focus on distinguishing ourselves in the markets in which we operate, differentiates us from the competition."

"These communication tools are introduced in accordance with the priorities that FastWeb have always given to innovation and customer care," says Giorgio Tacchia, Head of TV in FastWeb. "Using this new technology we can provide advertisers with effective means for communication of their brands and their products, without interrupting the viewing of content, thus ensuring a unique experience to our viewers."

"Fastweb is an innovation leader in the IPTV world. We are delighted to work with Fastweb and are confident that the new embedAd service will prove beneficiary to them and to their customers," added Yariv Erel, Co Founder and CEO of justAd.TV. "We are pleased to have partnered with WebAds, a clear market leader and innovator in the European New Media domain, and confident that their expertise will lead to strong success of the embedAd formats in the Italian market."


justAd.TV is a startup of a unique technology allowing Pay-TV providers (Cable, IPTV & Satellite) to harness the power of Internet advertising by applying it to non-linear TV experiences. Focused on delivering easily-deployable solutions, its patent-pending technology fits into existing TV provider networks, involves minimal costs and provides quick ROI.


WebAds Italia started its operations in 2003. It has established itself as one of the major players in the Italian online market. WebAds Italy has proved to be a strong partner for their publishers by successfully implementing and selling integrated products as well as standard Display formats. This strong focus on our publishers and the various advertising possibilities has helped many of our advertisers to achieve their campaign objectives online.

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