Ooyala Expands Online Video Analytics Reporting - Will They Go For IPTV and Connected TV?

written by: Richard Kastelein

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City-level statistics and detailed social sharing data are part of the new video analytics features announced today by Ooyala Inc., a leading end-to-end online video platform provider. Their new technology, interestingly enough, is not mentioned for use in the current IPTV or  emerging Connected TV space, though seemingly, they could be potential markets for the innovative, Californian company.

However, The enhancements will give current Ooyala web video publishers up to 500 new analytics reports, including city and DMA (Designated Market Area) drill-downs, social media tracking, and deeper analysis of webpage performance. Publishers can see how their videos perform in Chicago or London, for instance, or track what happens when a video is shared on Facebook, something which TV Broadcasters could only dream about with 'finger in the air' old-school ratings system.

"Ooyala's mission is to provide publishers with innovative products that help them grow revenue and expand online video syndication," said Jay Fulcher, Ooyala President and CEO. "We're using our new Cassandra back end to provide even better real-time reporting that publishers can use to pick the best video placements and syndication strategies, increase engagement, and generate higher CPMs. Ooyala has offered the industry's leading video analytics solution for three years, and these enhancements help us extend  that lead."

“Ooyala's new analytics system is a view into the future of media analytics and how it will be tracked and targeted," says Bob Bell, CTO of Alloy Media+Marketing. "Alloy is a provider of media and marketing programs that reach a large and targeted group of consumers. The new DMA and page-level stats will allow us to more effectively book and sell advertising from the premium markets we target."

Among the new enhancements:

Local Reporting: Detailed city-level views show advertisers and brand marketers how their content is consumed around the globe. Accompanying maps display clear viewership trends by continent, country, region, and city.

Page-Level Reports: Domain reports now offer specific page-level reporting, showing publishers how videos perform across the various pages of a site.

Social Network Sharing: Social sharing reports give publishers a deeper understanding of how the sharing of videos across platforms like YouTube, Digg, Facebook and Twitter impacts their bottom line.

Designated Market Area (DMA) Reports: DMA drill-downs make it easier for publishers to sell advertising in local markets.

Ooyala recently deployed Cassandra as its new database system to create an even better backbone for analytics and for its new Business Intelligence offering, which will be going live in Q3.

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