Google Vice President: Online Video and TV will Converge

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Google TVHenrique de Castro, Google vice president for global media and platforms, speaking recently (well worth watching full video here) at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival where he noted that TV and online video will, in fact, converge and the two will meet to offer a single platform, which will have a huge impact on the advertising industry. Note that Youtube is now logging record viewers.

"Internet connected TV is going to be a reality. It will dramatically change the ad industry forever. Ads will become interactive and delivered to individual TV sets according to the user," he said."...every single media is going to be social," he added. "Online video is reaching a tipping point for digital display."

In the video Castro states:

“Online video is becoming mainstream, more premium content is becoming available as it’s distributed where the audience is. Ads will become interactive and delivered to individual TVs according to the user.”

“You could be watching a film and searching for information on the actors in it at the same time in the same screen,” he said. “So every medium will be internet powered and display enabled. The display space will increase from a $20 billion industry to a $200 billion one.”

Real Impact Productions posted about the seminar, noting that Castro said:

"Online video productions are becoming increasingly popular and will soon become as important as TV in the realm of advertising."

He also claims that the average European person now watches 26 hours of TV a week, while spending around 18 hours online.

"Video online is becoming mainstream. More premium content is becoming available online as content should be distributed where the audience is."

“Every medium will be social, so people can chat and watch TV at same time on the same device. Brands should be ready to take advantage of this. This reality will emerge over the next three years,” he added.

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