Clicker Moves Towards Social TV

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Clicker has announced that they are going social with Clicker Social. The innovative TV search engine, was featured at Google's IO Conference earlier in 2010, features popular episodes of television shows on its clean, ergonomic main page as well as providing  advanced search functionality using the latest HTML 5, which allows viewers to source and search by media type. And it's all controllable with keystrokes, nixing the need for a mouse. Clicker aggregates more than 650,000 television episodes, 30,000 movies and 80,000 music videos and the company has raised over €17m euro in VC in two rounds.

Now you can not only search and find, but also use your social graphs to see what your friends and others are watching to see their ratings and check-ins.  Currently you can use Facebook and soon Twitter OAuth to add the people you’re friends with already.

As noted:

You can now create a personal profilefriend/follow members, do TV show, movie, or web video check-ins, “Love” content (or “Don’t”), earn Clicker Awards (provided mostly by network partners), discuss shows, and more (there’s even a mobile app).

 So far it’s the best thought out Social TV implementation I’ve seen to date — and one that borrows many of the ideas I have on the drawing board for my own Social TV web app.'s Gianluigi Cuccureddu covered the company and wrote earlier this year:

Key features of are as follow:

  • Home:'s homepage features trending shows and episodes popular with Clicker users, as well as new ones that have just come online, with click-to-watch functionality.
  • Search: In order to search on, the company says, users navigating the guide on a configured remote can use the arrow keys to enter the name of a show or movie, the title of an episode, or the name of a specific topic. will then offer auto-complete suggestions from all media types. Users on a keyboard can just start typing, from anywhere on the page, Clicker says.
  • Categories: According to the company, users can browse its over 1,400 categories to find topical content across all media types, simply by using their arrow keys to scroll.
  • Media Type: Users can also browse within media types using TV, Web, Music and Movies icons. For example, Clicker says, if a user is only interested in Web Originals, they can navigate to the Web icon where they will be able to sort by title, popularity or airdate, or browse by topical "themes" such as family-friendly, dark comedy or social issues.
  • Playlists: provides users with the ability to create playlists of their favorite shows for later viewing, the company says, and also to set up notifications for when new content comes online.

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