Google TV Interface Revealed

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Google TVAt the Google I/O in May, Google finally unveiled its plans to bring the Web to the TV vice versa with Google TV.

With official partners are Sony, Logitech and Intel, Google is almost ready and set to start competing with Apple TV and grab a share in this emerging industry.

Now, recorded a video of Google showing off its upcoming TV platform.
On NewTeeVee you can read an extensive review of several key features of Google TV.

Key features are:
* Universal Search across TV and video content, with the ability to extend the search to web pages as well.
* Bookmarked websites.
* YouTube integration.
* Google Queue lists all the content available for playback, including podcasts and DVR recordings.
* Users can manage their queue with content-based or date-based filters.
* Part of queue is a podcast directory that offers access to audio and video podcasts from various genres.

This is certainly interesting to see from a technology point of view.
From a business point of view, it remains to be seen how far Google will come.

Google had meetings with ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC as reported by the Wall Street Journal, but are skeptic and reluctant about Google TV worth risking the possible cannibalization of their existing business.

For Google there is much at stake, the $70 billion U.S. TV-ad market is a huge potential which can increase revenue and time spent on the Web massively for Google.


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